April 17, 2011

NaPoWriMo Day 15: a song lyric

This probably needs another couple of verses, but it’s what I have so far. Not autobiographical.

You’re the one

Could have married that heiress,
jetted around from Sidney to Paris;
and that hippie chick played a mean guitar,
she could have been mine — now she’s a star.
A gymnast, a chef, a sex-crazed punkette,
a doctor, a stripper, a French coquette,
my high school sweetie, an actress or two —
I could have picked any, but I chose you.
I could have had riches, passion, amor,
but you’re the one I settled for.

You’re built like a stick,
you cook out of cans,
your face is average,
the sex is bland.
You quench my fire,
you make me yawn;
I picked you,
and I picked wrong.
I’ve been with better women galore,
but you’re the one I settled for.


September 19, 2008

63 Things # 19.1: Song Lyrics: Whatever Happened

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I’ve taken my first try at writing a song lyric. Perhaps the best I can say is that few inversions poetic does it use. (Have you ever noticed that poetry sometimes like Yoda sounds?)

Here’s the rought draft… copyright 2008 by Carl Bettis and all…


Whatever happened to spring
in April birds used to sing
but now I don’t hear a thing
if I can’t hear it with you

What happened to all the bouquets
flowers used to be bright in May
now their colors all are gray
if I can’t see them with you

Wine has no taste
and music’s out of key
the mirror’s lost my face
there’s no place
for the guy I used to be
without you

Whatever happened to all of
those years together we dreamed of
whatever happened to love
I used to share with you
–Carl Bettis

September 9, 2008

63 things to write or write about: a change

I’ve changed #19 (in my previous post) from “A nursery rhyme” to “The lyrics to at least 3 songs.” My wife will write the tunes.

Should be a fun collaboration, as long as she realizes every syllable is sacred. 😉

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