April 23, 2011

NaPoWriMo Day 22: Shellac umpire the

For Shakespeare Eve, I desecrated his 18th sonnet. Master Shakespeare, meet Walt Kelley.


Shellac umpire the two asthma dye?
Thwart moral ivy land moray timber weight:
Roof wines douche ache dither long beds oh my,
Handsomer sleet as alto shore dude ate:
Scum dive doo-wop the aisle of helping signs,
Hands off henna scold come bless skin hymns;
Hand ovary bare frump fearsome tidy climbs,
Bite chins ornate churls aging curs undreamt;
Butt thigh neater gnaw some morsel nut vague,
Nora Lou’s position off thatch furs the rawest;
Know shell depth rag towel one driest inner shed,
Win any turn a lion’s tooth I’m the grossest;
Salon has mannequin breed, arise canned sea,
Saline liver tests, auntie’s guest slice toothy.


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