April 30, 2011

NaPoWriMo Day 28: Lemurian glossary

With a tip o’ the bit to Brian W. Aldiss’s “Confluence.”

Entries from a Lemurian glossary

vev: I and another or others (but not you)

vevor: you and I (but not others)

vevan: we (all-inclusive)

pahdz: the space between two people

pahdzton: the space between two people who want to touch

lod: a unit of measurement of erotic charge

darod: a negative erotic charge

ebithad: to leave a part of one’s past with another

ethrazd: 1. outflowing desire, desire born of abundance; 2. the desire to create; 3. song

ildrazh: 1. indrawing desire, desire born of want; 2. bloody teeth

ortithrad: 1. to create by means of craft or artifice; 2. to hang something on a peg or nail

klovgad: 1. to create organically; 2. to bud; 3. to give birth

skriyaht: 1. beautifully ugly; 2. a housefly

oskaht: 1. tediously pretty; 2. a hollow tree

nicharad: to willingly believe what one knows is not so


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