December 26, 2010

Link of the Random Interval of Time (LotRIoT): How a Poem Happens

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How a Poem Happens: Contemporary poets answer questions on the genesis of a particular poem. The questions don’t vary, but the answers do. Individually, the responses provide a glimpse into the development of a particular verbal artifact; collectively, they demonstrate the varied ways the creative process works. Recent poets/poems include Robert Pinsky’s “Shirt,” Erika Meitner’s “Miracle Blanket” and Todd Davis’s “Accident.”


December 16, 2010

Yahoo! killing – Updated

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(Update: The latest is that Yahoo! is looking to sell Delicious, not shut it down. Whether that was their plan all along, or a reaction to public response, is unclear. I’m still going to prepare for the worst.)

Yahoo! is getting ready to pull the plug on, and I’m trying to pick a new social bookmarking tool. It has to be free, and I’d prefer one that will let me import my Delicious bookmarks. Candidates I’m presently considering:

  • StumbleUpon – but it has no support for bulk imports of any kind, from what I can see.
  • Reddit – where I first found out about the Yahoo! move. I don’t have a Reddit account, and I do have a Yahoo! account (in addition to my Delicious account). Something isn’t right here.
  • Diigo – I’m not familiar with this one, but apparently the servers are under a heavy load right now, as users import their Delicious bookmarks.
  • Zootool – also new to me, and also reportedly under import stress.

I’ve seen Pinboard recommended, as well, but it isn’t free.

By the way, if you’re a user, you’ll want to back up your bookmarks while you still can (you’ll need to be signed in).

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