April 18, 2010

National Poetry Month 2010, Days 16, 17 and 18

One haiku (or an attempt thereat), and two more pseudonyms — one writing in response to the other. In keeping with the spirit of haiku, the first one has no title.

under the school’s
iron stairs: a long, bright row
of chewed gum blobs

— Carl Bettis, 4/16/2010



Love is an allergic reaction to loneliness.
Hope is a flower that opens at sunrise,
never at night; its seed is a strong narcotic
that should be administered only in hopeless cases.
Faith is the platonic archetype of a lump of coal.
Poetry is a reverse strip-tease,
fabrics meticulously layered to show
illusions of nakedness.
Memory is a transistor radio with a broken tuner,
stuck between stations, playing Madonna and Mahler.
Loneliness is a child apologizing
for winning at checkers, a sunday school teacher
lighting seance candles, a gentleman
at a roadside fruit stand eating kumquats
and sniffing his fingers.
Love is an allergic reaction to loneliness.

— Isem Goins, 4/7/2010



Faith is an artery that doesn’t know
such a thing as the heart exists,
but pulses anyway.
Hope is the anticipation of pain
from work, from play, from a nip beneath
sweaty sheets, from
the strenuous exercise of desire.
Love is a snow-melt that trickles
into a creek that flows
into a river that rushes
to the sea where all life began
and all streams return.
The wit of despair is a shade-grown weed
that wilts when joy arises.

— Rex Munn, 4/18/2010


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