April 2, 2010

National Poetry Month 2010, Day 2

In case you’re wondering about the title, this poem started with journal phrases chosen at random and thrown together.

A Rain of Chance

One: Good Friday

Arrange the days for pleasure,
safe in your cage of bone and skin

from the coward gods,
the little brothers of ignorance,

of past shame and future fear
hidden among the pious.

They meet weekly to eat their death
and sow thoughts in the void,

willing hope, lashing the wind
to carry them away from mistress Earth

who wants to hold them
forever in her soft thighs.

I, too, numbed desire,
thought to win restful worlds,

and only slowly grew to welcome
the pains of health.

Two: Sabbath Panic

Clumps of dirt dribble
through the holes roots have made.
He hears, on the other side of the grass,
a man consoling his widow.
The voice is his own.

Three: Another Easter

We journeyed through age and came,
wondering, to youth. Dead limbs
turned green wood,
and desire stirred again.

When we smelled the rain, we laughed
at the riches we’d carried
so far with much care,
and dropped them in the sand.

–Carl Bettis, 4/2/2010


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