June 21, 2009

Call for Submissions: NPR Three-Minute Fiction Contest

NPR is running a flash fiction contest for the summer. The maximum length is 600 words — a story that can be read aloud in at most three minutes. You do sign over perpetual (non-exclusive) rights to your work, which I know will be a deal-killer for some. Must be 18 or over to enter.

The challenge: send in an original short story “that can be read in three minutes or less”

Entry fee: none

Prize: check the website for details, but the prize includes an autographed copy of James Wood’s How Fiction Works and major writing cred

Deadline: 7/18/2009



June 10, 2009

Top 9 Reasons to Quit Smoking

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9. Would like to live long enough to get my flying car.

8. Want to have fresh breath in case I meet Kate Winslet.

7. Found out coughing doesn’t count as exercise.

6. Can spend the same money on lottery tickets, with astronomically better odds of a good result.

5. I can look just as cool holding a martini.

4. Even bars don’t smell like bars anymore — why should I?

3. More time and energy for other vices.

2. All the cool kids are quitting.

1. It’s easier than dumping the ashtrays.

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