April 28, 2008

Poem for April 21, 2008

The Petitioner

What are you doing here?
After years of wandering, you’ve come back
to your beginnings, eh? As I recall,
last time you wanted work to do,
maybe something in image management,
and we said we’d call if you were needed.
All our positions are full.

I was just looking for my old garden
and an old friend I sometimes met there.

That plant is closed, and He’s away.
If you want, you can always send a message —
you know the proper channels.

I’ve tried that. He never returns my calls.

If you’d like to leave a message with me,
I’ll see that He gets it. It might be
an eon or so, though. He has business
in another galaxy, subduing an insurrection
of rogue photons impatient with His limits.

Yes, please. Tell Him I stopped by,
I wish Him all the best, and —
He’ll want to know this —
I forgive him.

This one might be so hackneyed as to be beyond fixing. I’m already ashamed of it.


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