April 12, 2008

Poem for April 8, 2008 – Meditation on Nature

Meditation on Nature

rain all day clouds & stomach
rumbling the bathroom smells
of [excrement] & air freshener my
good sir the ejaculations of oh dear
propriety are out of place in this world
this is a war & if you haven’t noticed
it’s because you’re losing
the moon was the first casualty
the sun fell soon after eaten
by his children be barren
if you would live said
the grasshopper to the toad
then it was
slap-tongue and crunch
what do grasshoppers know go instead
to the ant who if he crosses
his own trail will walk in circles
till he dies here you have
the dangers of introspection
what can nature teach us ? only
how to decay to slump to feed
scavengers & mud
i like life but it gives me gas
i think the basement is leaking

Rameshi is a heretonym* I haven’t used in a while. He’s a neo-gnostic.

* No, I haven’t read Pessoa, aside from an anthology piece here and there.


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