December 17, 2007

Comments policy

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I moderate comments on this blog, and considering the amount of spam I see, it’s a good thing.  My formal policy is that I will approve or delete posts at my whim. In general, though, I will OK reasonable complaints and critiques. I’ll tolerate adulation and groveling. I double-check the spam filter to make sure it hasn’t flagged anything it shouldn’t. Hate speech and obscene tirades are out.

But then there are postings that fall in the gray zone. One recent comment to an old article said — and I quote in its entirety — “Very interesting, but I don’t agree with you.”

I debated with myself a long time before deleting that post.  It didn’t shock or offend me — I often don’t agree with myself. What finally decided me was that there was nothing indicate that the comment was from a human who had read the article. I couldn’t be sure it hadn’t been mistakenly posted to the wrong article, or even the wrong blog. There were no specifics. The author just found me generally disagreeable (in which he has plenty of company).

If the author of that comment is reading this, I invite you to post again. Shred my original article point by point, if you like.  Just please, this time, address the article rather than your state of disagreement.


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