July 27, 2007

Link of the Random Interval of Time

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I disagree with the one about the obituary — why add to the grief of the grieving? Otherwise, Media Corrections We’d Like to See had me from the first item on the list: “Yesterday’s paper included a business section but failed to also include a labor section.”


July 2, 2007

The Stalker

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As I sleep, or ride the bus to work, or wander the shops that make this nation great and look at little boxes with green lights and black switches, or play cards with my daughter, a hungry beast stalks me. It caught my scent at birth — earlier, in the womb. I’ve escaped its jaws once or twice: in a river, when it clamped my leg and tried to hold me under; on an inner city street, when we stood nose to nose and I looked into its crazed eyes. It blinked and slunk back into the shadows, but I haven’t forgotten it’s there. It will never give up or go away, and one day it will catch me. It might take me by surprise, or I might hear it coming and find myself in a blind alley, escape impossible.

What am I, then? A baby rabbit, neck broken, body stiff, found at sunrise on the back porch.

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