May 22, 2007

Why I Write

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I’m sure I’ll add to this list. These are all true, but not at all times and not equally.

  • For fame.
  • For money.
  • For groupies.
  • Because life is funny, odd, beautiful and short.
  • To win the approval of my friends: William Blake, Emily Dickinson, Emily Bronte, William Carlos Williams, John Keats, Stevie Smith, Franz Kafka. These are my father and mother, my sisters and brothers.
  • Because it’s fun.
  • Because I’m a genius, and it wouldn’t be fair to deprive the world of my works.
  • Because, even though I’m an idiot and my writings are ugly and stupid children, they are mine.
  • To create one piece that will add something to one person’s life, whether it comforts, inspires, enrages or amuses her.
  • To live forever.
  • To add my little part to the good humanity does, and balance out a little of our immense evil; to justify the ways of man to God.
  • To save the world.
  • To save God.
  • To save myself.
  • Because writers have given me so much, and I want to do what I can in my turn.
  • To go home.
  • Because I can’t sing.

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