December 6, 2006

What I’m Working On – Update X 2

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I’ve just submitted a synopsis and three sample chapters of a crime novel to Court TV’s “Search for the Next Great Crime Writer” contest ( Meeting the deadline (by 40 minutes) meant writing about 2500 words–the worst 2500 words–in four hours. I’m revising the third chapter now, both for style and to alter two characters to better suit their roles in the plot.

In poetry, I’ve recently written a terzanelle, and I’m working on a sestina and a pantoum. At least two are on winter/holiday themes. I don’t know yet what the sestina is about.

I have two ideas for children’s stories and two ideas for plays, but I haven’t begun to develop any of them.

My wife and I have the skeleton of a film screenplay, a horror movie. We’ll start writing it after the first of the year.

UPDATE 12/13/2006: The finalists were posted two days ago for the crime writing contest. I didn’t make the cut. It doesn’t surprise me. I submitted two good chapters, and one hacked out under deadline pressure.

But maybe the first two chapters aren’t as good as I think.

UPDATE 3/13/2007: This is old news by now, but Regan Books, the imprint sponsoring this contest, has folded. They were going to publish O.J. Simpson’s confessionactment.


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